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At Austurhöfn
every home is a 
Smart Home

Every Austurhöfn Smart Home comes with Lutron lighting control, Savant temperature control, 2N access control, and even Amazon’s Alexa to allow you to control your home with your voice. We also include the Savant Smart Host, which provides a single app interface to your Smart Home on your smart phone or tablet.

Take a look at the technology that's included in every Austurhöfn unit.


Mouse over image to see smart home features

From the day you move in, your smart home enables you to control:

  • Smart lighting that allows most lights to be dimmed from 1% to 100%.

  • Smart scenes that turn on multiple lights with the push of a button. Turn the whole house off when you exit automatically.

  • Touch thermostats that you can control in room or on your phone.

  • Let guests into the building with a push of a button.

Control your home with:
  • Keypads on the wall

  • Central 7” Touch Screen

  • iOS or Android phone or tablet

  • Amazon Alexa voice control

Our systems are also compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and Google Home.

To make your smart home truly unique, check out our upgrade options here:

About your Lutron smart lighting control unit

With Lutron lighting control in your Austurhöfn Smart Home, you’re able to control your lights with either the keypads on your wall, your smartphone, or your voice. Lutron lighting control works with Google Home, Apple’s HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa.


In addition to having flexible control of your lighting, each light has been pre-programmed to be part of multiple scenes in your house, allowing you to turn on all the common area lights and shut down all the lights in your house by using a single button.


About your Savant Pro

Savant is the latest generation of whole home control systems, allowing a single app to control all of your home systems. Your apartment comes pre-installed with a Savant Smart Host, which enables you to add audio and video integration into your home as well as security cameras and other systems as you see fit.


Using Savant on your own iOS or Android device doesn’t cost you anything. There are no annual or recurring license fees.

About your 2N Access Control

2N provides the access control systems to some of the best and most secure buildings in the world. The Austurhöfn building comes with a 2N system installed in every unit, allowing you the ability to see people who need to gain entry to your building, talk to them, and even let them into the building using the 2N app installed on the touch panel in every apartment.

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