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From wireless to wired options, our lighting control options give you a choice of finishes, custom engravings, and adaptive backlighting.

Lighting is not just about function – it’s about beauty and creating an experience that gives you that feeling of being home. Your apartment comes with top-spec iGuzzini lights, but you have different ways of enhancing the control and finish of your lighting system.

The standard Austurhöfn keypad comes with the specially selected brushed nickel metal finish and a motion sensor for your apartment, helping you to turn on the lights even when your hands are full.

With the Plus Package, you can choose between the brushed nickel or an elegant glass/white keypad combination. You also get motion sensors for your bathroom and utility room.

The Premium package adds the exclusive Palladiom keypad, with an adaptive backlight that reacts to the ambient environment and custom laser engraving that gives you complete integrated control with the press of a button.

Get the most options for your lighting control with the Bespoke Package, with metal and glass finish options for the Palladiom keypad. You can even add wireless bedside controls for easy access to turn off all the lights when going to sleep.

Lutron Pico Metal Finish.jpg
Lutron Pico Glass Finish.jpg

See how it all comes together. When you add the right lights with Lutron lighting control and other smart home features, you create an experience that helps you settle in after a busy day at work or a long walk in the Icelandic outdoors.

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