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Built-in speakers provide you with the best sound without taking up any space in your room. Great for entertaining or just for the music lover, these speakers can give you seamless sound, even as you move from room to room.

If you enjoy music everywhere in your home, consider upgrading your Smart Home to include whole-home audio. Have great sound for big games or movies in your living room, and stream music from popular music services or via Airplay. You can even have music playing on your Soundbar without turning on the TV.

The Base Package does not include any built-in audio options. You have to purchase and configure your own speakers and audio system.

The Plus Package includes 8 virtually invisible Bose 591 speakers for immersive audio in four different rooms. You can play streaming music from Pandora, Spotify, and TuneIn, or stream from any iOS device via Airplay to any of your zones, and adjust volume to each pair of speakers individually.

The Premium Package includes 12 Bose speakers to cover your house with music everywhere and a premium Savant Soundbar for your main TV. Have great sound for big games or movies in your living room, and stream music from popular music services or via Airplay, and you can even have music playing on your Soundbar without turning on the TV.

If you go Bespoke, you can choose to go HiFi. Upgrade to DynAudio custom install speakers. For the ultimate in invisible technology, choose Amina’s Edge 7 series. These speakers are hidden behind the paint and are completely invisible to the eye, but amazing to the ear. You have to hear – and not see – them to believe them.

About DynAudio

Founded in 1977 in Skanderborg, Denmark, DynAudio is known for making high-end loudspeakers for over 40 years. On top of being famous for their professional studio monitors and premium home audio systems, they also make some of the best high-performance in-wall and in-ceiling speakers on the market.

DynAudio’s custom line of speakers can be combined together to create in-wall speakers with incredible power that blend into the wall. If you’re looking for high fidelity over all else, then these are the speakers to choose.

About Amina Edge 7

UK-based Amina makes one of the most innovative products on the loudspeaker market. Inspired by the soundboards of acoustic instruments, Amina creates sound by vibrating a flat surface made from an aircraft-grade aluminum honeycomb.


The sound it creates is natural and all-enveloping, but it’s the look that is really revolutionary – the speakers can be completely hidden in a wall or ceiling so that they aren’t seen at all, making them the world’s leader in invisible speakers.


Contact us for a demo of these speakers in our model unit at Austurhöfn.

Amina Edge.jpeg

About Bose Speakers


In 1964, Dr. Amar Bose founded Bose Corporation with the motto “Better Sound Through Research.” While the company’s reputation was built on the Bose 901 floor standing speaker, Bose makes great sounding architectural speakers used in homes, businesses, and restaurants all over the world.


The Bose 591 In-Ceiling speakers are part of the plus and premium packages at Austurhöfn, providing whole home audio with minimal visual impact. Upgrades to other Bose products are available, including in-ceiling, in-wall, and outdoor products.

About TDG

TDG’s American-engineering speakers are made in California, with designs inspired by the needs of Hollywood studios.

They make the unique TDG Skybar 7.1 system which gives you 7 channels surround sound with only three cutouts in the ceiling. Minimal in visual impact but powerful in its audio delivery, TDG speakers can convert any TV room into a mini-cinema.

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