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Your Austurhöfn Smart Home is easy to use and comes with all of your technology warrantied by the manufacturers for a full year.

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a bit of extra security and support. Nordic Smart Spaces offers service packages that provide training, security updates, and live tech support.

NSS Managed Smart Home is an IT support service for Nordic Smart Spaces smart home customers who want their technology to be maintained to the highest standards of security and reliability.

It includes remote network support, updates for your Smart Home systems, tools for Cybersecurity, and our processes for proactive monitoring of your network and systems. Together, these elements reduce downtime and provide a resource for all of your smart home questions.


Every Austurhöfn customer receives a one-hour training session on their Smart Home system.

The Plus Package adds 60 days of online support and the option to add on monthly support packages for as little as €99 per month.

The Premium Package adds one more in-person training session, 60 days of phone support, and monthly support packages for as little as €130 per month. These support packages include regular
updates on all of your systems and quarterly visits.

For Bespoke systems, we provide 90 days of support upon completion of the system and multiple in-person trainings to customise all of your systems to your liking. Monthly support packages are available. Prices are based on the complexity of your Smart Home system.


  • Remote troubleshooting on any Smart Home technology that NSS has installed.

  • Remote support for any network, WiFi, or Smart Home related questions.

  • Remote changes to lighting scenes and audio video setups.

  • One Smart Home onsite visit per quarter for a system checkup and updates.

  • Updated software to get the latest features, such as voice control.

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