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Nordic Smart Spaces can provide you with pre-installed shade solutions by Lutron, which are made to match your exact window dimensions.

Control of natural light is not only convenient; with the midnight sun of the Icelandic summers, it’s also a must. The easiest way to control natural light is with shades or drapery, and we can provide multiple automated solutions for both.

The Base Package does not include any shade options. You will need to install your own manual shades. If you want to add motorized shades in the future, shade pockets and wiring runs are already in place in every unit.

The Plus Package includes Lutron wireless motorised shades for four windows. We measure each window individually and order your shades to fit, and the batteries last for 4 or more years without changing.

The Premium Package includes wired motorised shades for every window. Nordic Smart Spaces installs a custom shade with a built-in digital motor in every window, which can be controlled individually or together to reveal your spectacular views. The shades run silently - you can even run them while someone is asleep.

The Bespoke Package gives you the ability to pick and choose automatic shades for some or all windows. For the ultimate in luxury and convenience, we can also install a motorised drapery track, which can open up views with the touch of a button. Fabrics for both shades and drapery can be selected to match your desired look. Both sheer and blackout options are available.

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