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If you’re looking for something beyond just casual listening, but are seeking a full home cinema experience in your Austurhöfn apartment, look no further.

From something as simple as a virtual surround soundbar to a full 9.1 surround system, Nordic Smart Spaces can make an everyday room into a cinematic experience. Perfect for the big game or movie night, we can make your favorite theatre your own sofa.

The Base Package does not include any home cinema options. You will need to purchase and install your own TVs and home cinema system.

Like the Base Package, the Plus Package does not include any home cinema options.

We all know that TV speakers have poor sound and volume. The Premium Package includes a Savant Soundbar with room-filling sound. Not only does it enhance your own TV-watching experience but also can stream from sources like Spotify, Pandora, or your own mobile device.

If you want a show-stopping experience, Nordic Smart Spaces can install any TV or surround sound system to your liking, including the LG W-series “wallpaper” TV, which is only 5mm thick on the wall. Integrate in-wall DynAudio speakers, Amina invisible speakers, and Arcam surround sound amplifier to make your TV room into a home cinema.

About Savant Soundbar

Savant’s Soundbar is the Swiss Army knife of sound bars. Engineered by renowned US-based speaker designers Artison, this sound bar has carbon fibre woofers and midranges, Vifa tweeters and side-firing stage tweeters to create an expansive sound image from any TV.


It also works as its own music source, playing Spotify, TuneIn, or Pandora streaming music even if your TV is turned off. And you can control everything with your Savant remote or the Savant Pro app.

Artison Soundbar.jpg

About LG TVs

LG is the pioneer in OLED TV technology, producing high contrast, incredible resolution TVs which are super-thin. From the affordable C-Series to the 4K HDR W-series which hangs on the wall as a single piece of glass, LG makes some of the best performing and best looking TVs on the market.


Nordic Smart Spaces has partnered with Heimilistæki to get LG’s amazing TV technology for the best prices in Iceland. We will make sure that your perfect TV is delivered and installed perfectly for when you move in.

About Arcam

UK-based Arcam makes IMAX-certified, Dolby Atmos surround sound receivers, including the award-winning AVR 850. It has 8 channels of power amplification and 10 channels of surround sound processing, with Dirac sound calibration.


If all of that means nothing to you, just know that Arcam brings theatre-grade surround sound into your home and also adapts that surround sound to your room, to give you the absolutely best cinema sound in your own home.

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